L&M Meat Distributing Inc. and Lauri Meat Market Ltd have been a family business since 1974. Founder of Lauri Farms and Lauri Meat Market Ltd, Vendurino Lauri, a third generation Shepherd from Abruzzo Italy came to Canada in 1963 started the family farm in 1974 formally known as Lauri Farms with his wife Iside and 3 small children by his side.
Lauri Farms provided the community with farm raised animals including Beef, Veal, Sheep, Lamb and Goat and a variety of poultry, eggs and freshly grown vegetables. Lauri Farms also provided their lands for a wide range of diverse cultural demands and custom religious rituals for all backgrounds. The meat was farm fresh and a quality that was known to people that would travel from hundreds of kilometers away. Lauri Farms took pride in its animals, product and services and struggled to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Vendurino Lauri, his three young children Teodoro, Luana, Fabrizio, together with his wife Iside worked tirelessly and around the clock to provide and meet the growing demand of fresh product and cultural services. Due to this demand the family formed Lauri Meat Market Ltd and on April 23, 1993 opened the doors to a Toronto meat market location and still remains today.
In 1974 Vendurino Lauri had a vision of replicating and providing a product that was not known to the Western society. He created and mastered a product that is well known to this day amongst the African community as Burnt Goat. Burnt Goat is a traditional dietary staple in Africa and some other parts of the world. Burnt goat is just as it sounds, goat meat burned in such a way that the method remains a carefully guarded secret family recipe and is sold at such a rate it was necessary to provide a facility dedicated to just the production of Burnt Goat. Rate of approx. 200,000 kgs a year and growing strong.
After a lengthily illness, Vendurino Lauri passed away on Wednesday January 12, 1994 surrounded by friends and family. Teodoro, Luana and Fabrizio Lauri together carried the family business forward and with amazing community support they were able to expand the operations with the purchase of a family owned and operated Slaughterhouse. February 2001 the Lauri crew opened L&M Meat Distributing Inc in addition to the Toronto meat market, and the first day of production proudly started Thursday December 12, 2002 in a stand-alone plant in Gilford Ontario. From farm to market including a slaughter with compassion and pride by hand the Lauri family was able to provide and meet the demands of the diverse and multi cultured following the Lauri family had gathered over the many years.
As word continued to spread amongst the many communities that shop Lauri Meat Market and the L&M Meat Distributing Inc plant location, the demand of the family secret burnt goat increased ever so rapidly requiring the family to purchase yet another slaughterhouse. On October 26, 2014 a stand alone plant located in Beeton was purchased and production began immediately.
As of this day, the Lauri family continues to run Lauri Meat Market ltd a Toronto grocery store specialized in ethnic foods and two Slaughterhouses as L&M Meat Distributing Inc where customers can purchase at a wholesale level or use the land for religious ceremonies of all kinds and open to all back grounds and walks of life.